Saturday, July 6, 2013


So here's a little story all about how... no, not going there. I brew beer. Hopefully someday for a living. First time blogger, first time sharing much more than a simple status update online. Beer is something I've had an interest in for a very long time. I grew up with my dad brewing in the home at least once a month for quite a few years. Recently I have taken up the craft myself. The sense of pride you get when you can see someone enjoying something you've made is beyond gratifying. I imagine that's what chef's feel like every night. Brewing just takes much much longer to get to that point.

I have brewed only about 15 batches of beer thus far in my career. To put that in perspective, I brewed 13 of those within the last 7 months. I have already started piecing together my own twists on established recipes and am liking the results. Also, I have started making special batches of beer customized to the specific party or person I am making it for.

Over the next, um, foreseeable future, I will be updating and sharing my wares. Pics will be posted from what has been done so far. Regrettably, not as much photo documentation has been done as I would like, but that will be corrected as time goes on. I want people to learn, enjoy, and discuss all things beer.

Skål! (Cheers)
Mr Pants

*Disclaimer: You will not find any documentation or discussion of anything relating to the "Big 3". If you need to ask what that means, you need a real beer.* 

[Homework - Watch "How Beer Saved the World"]

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